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Find most viable option to solve a business problem or business opportunity with vetting and business case. Plan Project pipeline, Application roadmaps and Budget for given year.


Manage Business Requirements

Business requirement from Business opportunity, operations, risk and compliance, business-IT alignment or stakeholders

Manage IT Requirements

Mapping Business requirement to IT requirements. Create and Manage Application and Infrastructure requirements

Requirement Vetting

Requirement vetting includes justification, impact analysis, cost estimation, risk assessment and decision

Business Cases

Business case include proposal, vision, risks, cost benefit analysis, project information, scoring and decision.

IT Budgets

IT Budgets include allocating budgets on new projects or existing support, business as usual projects, infrastructure.


Using approved business cases and project cost application roadmaps and project pipelines can be created.

Increase Insight

Increase Insight

Increase management insight to business requirements and opportunity, vetting process, alternatives and smart planning.

Information At Fingertips

Information At Fingertips

UberPlanning is Web based solution. Find your business cases, requirement and planning information anywhere over web, anytime.

Try for free

Try for free

Six Months Free Trial. Competitive rates after that.

Free Support & Updates

Free Support & Updates

Any updates, enhancements to UberPlanning solution is available free. Support to any question is also free.

All information centralized, available anytime, anywhere

No more spread-sheets, gathering data and maintaining adhoc documents. All data is centralized and self-service by employees.

Free Support & Updates

All Support is free of charge. Existing customers automatically get all the new features released.

Why UberPlanning

Prioritizing business requirement is essential to any organization, yet many of these functions are done in adhoc bases with spread-sheets. Business cases are often informal or non-existence. Often the vetting process if ignored. UberPlanning gives a formal method and also technology solution to create business requirement and vet them properly. It formalizes business cases and puts a structure around new projects. Business cases help decision-makers ensure that the proposed initiative will have value and relative priority compared to alternative initiatives based on the objectives and expected benefits laid out in the business case.

UberPlanning centerized all the data into one application and business users, project managers and stakeholders can quickly view, share information and look into past information. The solution give both process and application to manage that process

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